Why Staying at Our Villa is Perfect for Your Golf Vacation

Belek is one of the top tourist destination in Turkey, located on the southern Mediterranean coast the town is one of the most coveted destinations to be all year long no matter the season. The town is known for its four star, five star hotels and also their golf courses. There are a number of golf villas in the town and on San Diego Luxury Real Estate but a few there are truly world class. Belek Golf Villa Rental that promises to provide the best possible accommodation that you can possibly get in the whole town. Belek is hosts over 9,000 tourists annually all seeking accommodation especially during peak season. Americans make a big part of this group. When you come from a country with world class accommodation like San Diego luxury real estate then you don’t want to go to any place with lower standards.

With its own parking area the villa stands in a large beautiful landscape garden whose view is guaranteed to makes your day every morning. The villa also has a number of top notch facilities including a private outdoor pool that you can enjoy with family, a private garden, uninterrupted internet access, an outdoor dining area, a grill and so much more.

Guests can also enjoy playing golf on the large number of golf courses that surround the villa some of which are free of charge. The villas interior is furnished to give you the best possible holiday experience that you desire. There are 3 suitably large twin bedded rooms each with an en-suite bathroom.

The living room is furnished with all sorts of appliances; a DVD Player, a high definition TV all available to a spacious 6 seat living room with a separate 6 seat dining area. In the kitchen you have a dishwasher, a microwave, a toaster, a kettle and so many other equipment all to make your cooking a fun experience.

The greatest part of it however is the access to the beach. As stated earlier, Belek is located on the Mediterranean coast which experiences sunny climate nearly all year long. You will love the beach and if you like, sailing in the Mediterranean. If you are looking for world class accommodation in Belek, look no further than Belek Golf Villa Rental.