About Belek

Belek is an old beach town located 30 kilometers from Antalya province. It is located also midway between the City of Antalya and Side. With its clean, sunny beaches, world class hotels and golf courses Belek I arguably one of Turkey’s top tourist destinations. This town offers attractions that appeal both the young and the old. It is a mix of old and modern culture that gives it the unique blend of flavor that many modern cities in Europe can only dream of. It is home to the Turkish people of Belek who are known for the charm and rich history and culture.

Belek is packed with a variety of holiday destinations ranging from the breathtaking scenery brought out by the regions beautiful landscape on which there are carefully designed golf courses that are created to be truly world class.

As stated earlier the town is rather ancient dating to 4th century in the era of the Greek and Roman Empires.  In its lifetime the town has been ruled by the Greeks, the Romans and the Byzantines all who had a cultural, architectural and sculptural impact on its history. The Romans in particular after being handed the town by King Attalos 2 went on building stadiums, large buildings, a stadium, mosques, turrets and so on.

The town is awash with history and any historian or anyone interested in history would enjoy visiting. There is the famous Aspendos Theatre which is by far the biggest attraction to the town. It is the best preserved theater in the world and was built by renowned architect Zenon. It has a seating capacity of a whopping 20,000 and still stands today as one of the greatest pieces of engineering even by today’s standards. It is so well preserved that it is still in use to this day with recitals and concerts being held at the theater during summer.

The Hadrian Gate and the City Walls that you will not want to miss when in Belek. They are a display of the rich Roman culture that once characterized the town. The famous archaeological Antalya Museum is also a thing of beauty and warrants every praise it has. There are also a number of mosques built by the Seljuks during their reign.

Belek is known for its world class golf courses. If you like golfing then Belek is the right place for you. It has six golf courses that have become the country’s premier golf center. It is a 18-hole golf course with golf clubs paired into two within ten minutes of driving distance between each other.  There are a number of golfing resorts found between the golf clubs; much to the convenience of the tourists.

Belek is above all a beach town and its proximity to the sea makes it a great tourist destination. You can enjoy busking in the sun by the beach, go swimming, sailing, water skiing, surfing and so on. You can also brave the mountains by going mountain climbing, hunting, bungee jumping and so on. There is simply something for everyone.

You can also visit Perge where St. Paul is said to have given his first sermon. This is a very important place for Christians worldwide. Belek is filled with lots of attractions for everyone and it is bound to leave lasting memories in the minds of tourists.