Why Staying at Our Villa is Perfect for Your Golf Vacation

Belek is one of the top tourist destination in Turkey, located on the southern Mediterranean coast the town is one of the most coveted destinations to be all year long no matter the season. The town is known for its four star, five star hotels and also their golf courses. There are a number of golf villas in the town and on San Diego Luxury Real Estate but a few there are truly world class. Belek Golf Villa Rental that promises to provide the best possible accommodation that you can possibly get in the whole town. Belek is hosts over 9,000 tourists annually all seeking accommodation especially during peak season. Americans make a big part of this group. When you come from a country with world class accommodation like San Diego luxury real estate then you don’t want to go to any place with lower standards.

With its own parking area the villa stands in a large beautiful landscape garden whose view is guaranteed to makes your day every morning. The villa also has a number of top notch facilities including a private outdoor pool that you can enjoy with family, a private garden, uninterrupted internet access, an outdoor dining area, a grill and so much more.

Guests can also enjoy playing golf on the large number of golf courses that surround the villa some of which are free of charge. The villas interior is furnished to give you the best possible holiday experience that you desire. There are 3 suitably large twin bedded rooms each with an en-suite bathroom.

The living room is furnished with all sorts of appliances; a DVD Player, a high definition TV all available to a spacious 6 seat living room with a separate 6 seat dining area. In the kitchen you have a dishwasher, a microwave, a toaster, a kettle and so many other equipment all to make your cooking a fun experience.

The greatest part of it however is the access to the beach. As stated earlier, Belek is located on the Mediterranean coast which experiences sunny climate nearly all year long. You will love the beach and if you like, sailing in the Mediterranean. If you are looking for world class accommodation in Belek, look no further than Belek Golf Villa Rental.


Common Mistakes You Commit When Buying a House

Buying a house can be very complicated and time-consuming, especially for the first time homebuyers. There are so many things to think of that when a crucial step is missed, the whole experience can be a disaster. Here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid when buying a house: 

  1. House-hunting without getting pre-approved first

Many first time buyers are too excited to find their dream house that they forgot to get pre-approval for a mortgage first. The pre-approval letter will serve as your guide when choosing the house that you can afford. It is also a good way to convince the seller that you are financially qualified to buy the house based on your credit assessment by the bank.   

  1. Not saving enough for the down payment

Your mortgage payment is not the only expenses that you need to be concerned about. You also need to have money to pay for the down payment. Normally, a minimum of 10 % of the home price is being asked for down payment. It can go up depending on several factors such as points and closing costs, inspection fees, insurance (property and mortgage) and property taxes. Just to be safe, you need to budget 15-20% of the total sales price for down payment.

3. Home Inspections

A home inspection is very important to assess the true value of the property.  Take time to visit the house together with your real estate agent and a trusted inspector. They can help you determine the size of the property including the outdoor space. During house inspection, be nit-picky even with small details. Check for the parts that need re-construction, pipes with leaks, areas that are not cleaned, safety requirements that are not met, appliances that are not functioning, among others.  Discuss the findings with the seller and check if you can haggle for price reduction depending on the repair costs that you will shoulder later on. 

  1. Do-it-yourself

You think that not hiring a real estate agent can save you money, right? Not really. A Napa Valley realtor can be very helpful in a lot of ways. He can guide you in making smart decisions regarding loan application, asking price, strategic house-hunting, doing most of the legal documents, conduct house inspection, and so much more. If you don’t have any experience in buying a property, it is in your best interest to hire a professional realtor.   

Why Do You Want To Invest In Real Estate?

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to invest in real estate because it yields better profits. Aside from this, there are other reasons why real estate is a good place to grow your money. However, be aware that you cannot get rich overnight in real estate. It takes years before you even savor the fruit of your hard work and patience. 

Here are the reasons why investing in real estate is a smart choice: 

  1. Gain more leverage. Investing in real estate is one of the few businesses beingfavored by many banks in granting loans. The loans can be used for down payment and leverage your capital, which can increase your overall return on investment significantly.   
  2. The property appreciates in value. Over time, your property’s value can increase especially if it is built in a strategic location. As its value grows, you can create certain strategies to keep it tax-free or be subjected to a very minimal property tax.
  3. Tax-free cash flow. Cash flow is what you get from the rental payment less monthly dues (water, electricity, etc.). You know that the government doesn’t have any control over this which makes the cash flow all yours.
  4. Tax write-offs against your other sources of income. If you classify yourself as a Real Estate Professional and your ITR does not reflect a huge amount of income, you can qualify to get tax deductions that can be applied to your other income. This means that you will have lesser taxes from your other sources of income while you also have zero tax on the cash flow. This may sound amazing but you still need to consult a tax professional to make sure that you are doing it correctly.
  5. Increased tax reduction plan. The rental real estate is abusiness, therefore, anything that you spend in managing it can be deducted to your tax declaration and increases your tax benefits. 
  6. Rental property is a wise retirement investment. This is especially true if you are going to retire without a lot of savings. If you have a property that can be leased, you are assured that you will be getting passive income every month which you can use for your daily expenses, medication (if you have any) and go to foreign trips.  

 Mistakes sellers make when choosing a realtor

In the 90s through to the early 21st century real estate was not such a hard market in conquer. In those times property was cheap in the United States and much of the developed world. People were earning more income and there was not much bureaucracy in buying or selling property, all you needed was to fill a legal form, find a suitable buyer or seller which were plenty and easy to find in those days and you are good to go. However since the crash of 2008 the word economy has been struggling to find their feet.

Many countries in Europe and the Americas are still struggling to find their feet with GDP growth rates still way below normal rates. In this economic climate real estate is not as east and fun as it once used to be. The housing bubble that characterized the economic depression of 2008 made it ever harder for any kind of transaction to be carried out. Buyers and sellers are ever more cautious as each party tries to get the best possible deal they can.

As a seller one should be extra careful in whatever transaction they carry out. One should ensure that every party involved in the process is properly chosen. Even when the buyer offers a good deal one should ensure that the realtor you select to represent you in the deal is the right one, it is perhaps one of the most important part of the process.

Unfortunately many people still make a lot of mistakes when it comes to selecting their realtor. For one some sellers may choose their family or friends to be their realtor. You should know that friendship alone cannot be a qualification for selection. In fact many sellers tend to lose out on their sales this way. You have to remember that above all this is a business and you are in it to make profit, if a friend or family gets in the way then you might risk the whole business.

When looking at the bids you should take keen attention to the presentation. You should make sure that you analyze every piece of information on the presentation as you want to ensure that you get the best out of each. Making impulsive decisions can be very dangerous for you and are sometimes impossible to correct later.

As a seller you need to take into account the fact that the realtor is also in to make a buck. They might at times resort to unscrupulous means to achieve their objectives. ‘Buying a listing’ for instance is a practice common among realtors who want to reap the most from their clients. They will tell you what you want to hear but in the end you will end up losing a lot from the deal.

Some sellers also compromise on the kind of realtor they employ when they fail to look or even ask for the realtor’s credentials. Many people tend to think that their initial judgement of the realtor is enough so that they do not need to look at their credentials. No matter their outlook or the popularity of a realtor you have to ensure that you get a good look at their credentials before you make a decision.

About Belek

Belek is an old beach town located 30 kilometers from Antalya province. It is located also midway between the City of Antalya and Side. With its clean, sunny beaches, world class hotels and golf courses Belek I arguably one of Turkey’s top tourist destinations. This town offers attractions that appeal both the young and the old. It is a mix of old and modern culture that gives it the unique blend of flavor that many modern cities in Europe can only dream of. It is home to the Turkish people of Belek who are known for the charm and rich history and culture.

Belek is packed with a variety of holiday destinations ranging from the breathtaking scenery brought out by the regions beautiful landscape on which there are carefully designed golf courses that are created to be truly world class.

As stated earlier the town is rather ancient dating to 4th century in the era of the Greek and Roman Empires.  In its lifetime the town has been ruled by the Greeks, the Romans and the Byzantines all who had a cultural, architectural and sculptural impact on its history. The Romans in particular after being handed the town by King Attalos 2 went on building stadiums, large buildings, a stadium, mosques, turrets and so on.

The town is awash with history and any historian or anyone interested in history would enjoy visiting. There is the famous Aspendos Theatre which is by far the biggest attraction to the town. It is the best preserved theater in the world and was built by renowned architect Zenon. It has a seating capacity of a whopping 20,000 and still stands today as one of the greatest pieces of engineering even by today’s standards. It is so well preserved that it is still in use to this day with recitals and concerts being held at the theater during summer.

The Hadrian Gate and the City Walls that you will not want to miss when in Belek. They are a display of the rich Roman culture that once characterized the town. The famous archaeological Antalya Museum is also a thing of beauty and warrants every praise it has. There are also a number of mosques built by the Seljuks during their reign.

Belek is known for its world class golf courses. If you like golfing then Belek is the right place for you. It has six golf courses that have become the country’s premier golf center. It is a 18-hole golf course with golf clubs paired into two within ten minutes of driving distance between each other.  There are a number of golfing resorts found between the golf clubs; much to the convenience of the tourists.

Belek is above all a beach town and its proximity to the sea makes it a great tourist destination. You can enjoy busking in the sun by the beach, go swimming, sailing, water skiing, surfing and so on. You can also brave the mountains by going mountain climbing, hunting, bungee jumping and so on. There is simply something for everyone.

You can also visit Perge where St. Paul is said to have given his first sermon. This is a very important place for Christians worldwide. Belek is filled with lots of attractions for everyone and it is bound to leave lasting memories in the minds of tourists.